Benson 6 months

It's hard to think my little guy is already 6 months old!  
He loves being such a big boy though.  He really likes to watch his cousins run around and thinks he should be able to do everything they do.  He has mastered the army crawl and will follow someone around the room.  He is trying his hardest to crawl, but he takes a lot of face plants instead, if only he could figure out how to move his hands (though I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet)!  He loves sitting up and is trying to figure out how to push himself up to a sitting position (and he's getting really close).   He really likes to go out and sit on the front porch with me and watch the cars drive by.  He knows what the word "outside" is and gets really excited when he hears it or sees the front door get opened.  He still is working on his first tooth (it's been 2 months now) but he doesn't get upset about it that much.  He still fights naps with every fiber in his being, I really don't know why he hates them so much but he does still sleep all night long (I am so lucky!) He has to have his little bunny to sleep and I've even caught him "singing" him to sleep.  He loves to look at books still (and I hope forever) and has learned how to knock towers of toys over, now if he could just figure out how to build them back up!  
It's amazing how much he loves us and how happy he is to be with us.  We are so blessed that he's ours!


Benson 5 months

Benson is actually 5 months old!  I can't believe it!!  He is growing so much each day and is constantly learning new things.  He's finally figured out how to roll around and can do the army crawl backwards.  He loves being mobile and has figured out how to knock over his toy basket so he can spread them all out and eat the basket.  He loves to read books and is starting to take them out of my hand and tries to turn the pages himself.  He has started making spit/talk/laugh sound that melts my heart.  He still sleeps through the night really good, but hates naps and will fight taking one until he passes out in exhaustion.  We have started him on some food, he deals with the rice cereal, isn't sure about the applesauce, loves the squash and bananas.  I'll have to figure out how to post the videos of him eating, it's rather funny.  Benson is such a joy in our lives and we are so grateful for him each day.

Benson at 4 months

I know I know Benson is officially 5 months old, but I'm a little behind (as usual).  For his 4 month check-up and shots Scott was able to go with us.  The doctor said Benson was doing just dandy.  He weighed 16 lbs 6 oz (74%); height was 26 inches (81%) and his head circ. was 41 1/2 (29%).  He did really good when he got his shots, the first two were okay but it the third one did him in.  He has mastered rolling from his back to his belly, but has a hard time going the other way.  He loves to sleep on his side and occasionally ends up on his belly and wakes up frustrated that he can't roll over.  He still loves his bath time.  He loves to chew on fabrics, I think he's going to be a shirt eater.  He loves to take cuddle naps and while he falls asleep he plays with and strokes my face.  He gets excited to see his Daddy come home from work and will watch him intently when he's talking to him.  He truly is a Daddy's Boy.  I'm so grateful to be his Mommy!


Halloween 2011

I know that it isn't the greatest picture, but we haven't replaced our stolen camera yet. 
We spent the evening visiting MaBoyce and watching sports.
Benson didn't really like the Hot Dog too much,
but he did manage to pose for one picture.
**When the cousins would ask when Benson would be here we would tell them that he'd be here before Halloween and his costume was going to be a hot dog and they would all laugh and say how silly that was.  Near the end they would tell me that Benson would be here before Halloween and he'd be a hot dog then giggle.  It was fun to see how excited they were for their new cousin!**


Two Weeks Old

Benson has been such a blessing to our home!  It's amazing how much joy and love this little bundle can bring.  He already is looking at us and seems to reconigize his name.  He really enjoys seeing his cousins and doesn't mind the noise they bring (or the pokes and prodes that they supply).  He really loves Scott and is a complete Daddy's boy already.  He must really love me too 'cause he already sleeps for 5-6 hours a night and he really doesn't cry.  All in all he's a pretty laid back baby.  He really enjoys music of all sorts.  Scott was introducing him to Queen the other day and Benson actually moved his arms to the beat.  I'm thinking that with his long long fingers and he's love of music we are going to need to invest in a piano and some lessons. 
His stats at his two week appointment were okay, we are a little worried about his weight, but I think he just has Scott's metabolism and won't gain a lot of weight.
Weight: 6 lbs 15 oz  8%
Height:  21  59%
Head:  35  13%



Born Oct 4th at 1:20 pm.
Weighed 7 lbs 2.5 oz and was 21.5 in long.


Big Belly Photo Shoot

My cousin Kari took some awesome pictures of my big belly.  She really had some fun ideas and it was great to spend some time with her.  Check out her website here


Pregnancy Update

I know that I really have been M.I.A. the last little bit, things have been a little crazy but I wanted to write down a few pregnancy thoughts before it's over.

I really never understood why pregnant women thought they looked like whales... I totally understand it now!  It's been really hard to have this big belly after working so hard to lose as much weight as I have.  I know that it's a good thing, but I still have a hard time and I don't feel pretty at all.  Also the lovely pregnant skin, hair, and nails that all the books list as plus for this time apparently skipped me.  I'm a walking greasy hairy zittie mess.  Doesn't help with the whole pretty feeling either.  Scott's been great and sends me to get a pedi or even gives me one himself if he has time.  He really has been the most supportive and helpful hubby ever, when he's not working lol. 

One the plus side I love how wonderful it feels to have BB moving around and growing inside me.  I love how excited he gets when he hears church music.  He enjoys all music, but loves it when it's singing time at church.  I love how happy Scott gets when he gets to "play" with BB.  It's really funny, but BB actually calms down for Scott.  I keep telling Scott that it's a good thing and will come in really handy when he's actually here, but Scott wants to poke and play instead.  He really can't wait to when he can feed BB his bottle and is a little bummed that it's going to be a little while before he can.  It's also been fun watching Scott finish BB's crib, he's taking such care to make sure it's just right and will be safe for BB.  When we went to register for our baby shower, before we could scan anything Scott had to look its reviews and make sure it was "good enough and safe enough".  I love how much he already is taking care of BB and loves him.  It's been a really blessing to see Scott step into the whole "Dad" role and I can't wait to watch him when he actually gets to hold his little one. 

We have been taking a ton of baby classes and have a few more to take still, but it's really helped us both feel better about a few things.  Scott's all over installing the car seat properly and I've had to convince him that putting it two months early is stretching it (he gets to this week though and is giddy)!  We both are still unsure about giving BB a bath, but we have diaper changing and swaddling down pat.  We are in a Lamaze class and I'm not sure the teacher likes us since we keep laughing (Scott makes the funniest faces when we are doing our breathing). 
We are getting it down though, after all we have about 5 more weeks to go and have to get it. 

Not sure I can handle the wait, but at the same time I'm not sure I'm ready for the changes.  It's hit hard recently that this is the last time it's just Scottie and I for the rest of our lives, strike that, FOR THE REST OF FOREVER.  That's a big change and it breaks my heart just a little bit and scares me a ton.  But this is why we are here, to experience all things and to find joy.  Expanding our family has been the best feeling and the special experiences we've already had have brought us such joy.  I know that it's not all roses and butterflies raising kids, but I know this is part of the Lord's plan for us and we can do this.  Now if I can just get through this summer heat....


We would like to introduce to you our little peanut. 
He/She will be making their appearance the beginning of October.
Sorry the picture is horrible, but we promise there is a baby in there!!


BYU Date Night

I'm a wife who gets it, well usually. When I received an email from the Cougar Club saying there was going to be a BYU Date Night this year I just knew I had to get us there no matter what and I'm glad we did!  We had such a blast! 
We were able to meet some of the players who were trying out for the team or were red shirting for the year; some of the coaches talked to us about the plans for this coming year, their approaches as a coach, and why their area was the most important lol and answer some of our questions; have a wandering tour of the stadium and locker room; and hear from Coach Mendenhall. 
As you can see from the pictures we were rained on most of the night and lighting did strike the stadium once, but it was such a fun night!  They fed us really well and even had some of the players do a talent show for us!! 
We can't wait for next year!

Meeting The Voice of the Cougars, Greg Wrubell

Trying some gear in the locker room
Sooooo GIDDY!
One of the coaches walking us through the big play against Oklahoma from last year.


Playing Catch Up AGAIN!!!

We are Alive! 
We've just been a little busy that's all.
I surprised Scott with a quick trip to our favorite NYC
(went there instead of my class reunion Ü)
Scott's been working and working and working.
We've done a lot of extended family activities
(some pictures to come in the next week or so)
Harvey and I have taken almost daily naps outside in the sun
(some pictures and his viewpoint of it coming soon on his page)
The garden is growing and I can't wait to eat it!
Scott has been working quite a bit.
I've had fun babysitting my cute nephews and trying to teach them the "twist".
We've been reading the Percy Jackson series.
Harvey has discovered he can sleep on Scott's pillow after he's left to work
(no picture of it, he gets camera shy that early in the morning)
Have I mentioned Scott's been at work a bit? 
We just got back from camping for the weekend.
(yet again look for some pictures and Harvey's viewpoint on his page soon)
I've been listing to the Twilight Saga soundtracks, 60's Frat Party & Michael Buble.
Scott still likes to listen to his old man music, but now on vinyl.
(We've found a lot of "goodies" for him at the DI!)
But yeah we are alive, I promise!